openDeck Beta Version 0.23

by sbasile
openDeck Beta Version 0.23

This has been a long one coming and while there is more in the queue to release, this one covers some major updates and improvements. But before we go over the neat new features, the bug fixes first.

Revision Update – v0.23.4

-Bug fix Save Draft when post is auto draft.
-Added reply links for emails.
-Bug fix duplicate cards for revisions.

Revision Update – v0.23.3

-Added sort features on dashboard.
-Bug fix email queue.

Revision Update – v0.23.2

-Bug fix for editor emails.

Revision Update – v0.23.1

-Quota deadline and missed emails for editors now list the users instead of one email per user deadline.
-Bug fix for missed emails not all emailing when using openDeck service.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed email notices for quota’s due tomorrow. Bug caused emails not to go out.
  • Fixed email duplication for editors.
  • Fixed Editor check in status on dashboard, now shows correct status bar.
  • Fixed emails for non active users.
  • Fixed reserved posts from displaying on front end.
  • Fixed email time outs for editor check in.

Known Bugs:

  • (1) – Card creation in the dashboard will not reset the category box to scroll back to the top.
  • (1) – Users can select (if enabled) publish dates older than current date on calendar and through submission.

*Bug Severity 1-3, with 1 being the lowest.



deck2 deck3

Messages – Send and receive messages. Messages allow you to select one or multiple users and send them content including PR information. Messages can include html tags and URLs and email addresses are automatically converted into links.

Improvements – A much faster response time for the posts page API call. Clean up of code and framework. All emails now work through a unified framework for a more stable experience.


openDeck Email Service – Instead of using your own email server, you can enable and have emails sent via openDeck’s email service. Visit the openDeck Settings page to enable the service. (Email Notifications must be enabled first).


Future Features

These are the features still yet to come, planned features for the next update:

Next Version, Beta Version 0.24:

  • Search – The ability to search through cards.
  • Dashboard Sort – Configure the dashboard to show only selected cards by type, date, user, etc.
  • Calendar View – See cards and posts in a calendar view instead of the default card view.
  • Email Templates – Customize your messages.
  • Author Rank – Show detailed information about an author.

Future Versions:

  • Editor Quota Policy – enable quota’s for editors to perform tasks.
  • Editor Round Robin – Feature to pass on editing to another editor if not available/away.
  • openDeck Control – See your cards and manage your site right through the openDeck website.
  • openFeed Add-on – Get information from openFeed right into openDeck such as auto posting, card requests.
  • openPress Add-on – Get analytical information about your blog and your writers on openDeck.
  • openBlog Add-on – Attach your openBlog blog/theme features and widgets to openDeck.

And as always, those updates that don’t make next week’s update will get added to the following weeks.