openSuite v0.0.8 – Log Monitor

by sbasile
openSuite v0.0.8 – Log Monitor

The latest openSuite plugin update is now out, with an added feature, Log Monitor. The Log Monitor allows you to set logging for any of the services offered by openSuite. To enable logging for a service, visit that service’s Settings page. Currently the service will only keep 50 of the most recent logs, a feature to extend this, add some other details as well as backing up the log back to our service are on the horizon. Visit your dashboard to download the latest version or update the plugin via the Plugins page on your WordPress site.

Bug Fixes

  • B820 – Quota reminder for tomorrow’s post count requirement. Alerts now go out.
  • B821 – openFeed Offline Alert, alert now resets if connection is re-established.
  • B822 – Version checker, plugin now updates versioning checking for accurate debugging.
  • B824 – openPress chart view fix. Auto set chart’s height based on traffic.


  • Log Monitor – Log actions taken or failed attempts for all services.
  • openFeed Settings – Settings page now added for openFeed. Enable Logging.


Log Monitor

Check to see if services are correctly operating and alerts/emails are going out. In each log you can see:

  • status of the event (ok or failed) by a check mark or an X.
  • Time stamp the event took place.
  • What type of event took place (Cron job, Email, Connection)
  • The service that ran the event.
  • Any messages detailing the event (email subject, sent to who; why the connection failed, etc).

Currently the service only keeps a local copy and up to 50 of the most recent events. Each service must have Logging enabled to show.