openSuite v0.0.9 – Calendar View

by sbasile
openSuite v0.0.9 –  Calendar View

The latest openSuite plugin update is now out, with an added feature, Log Monitor. Visit your dashboard to download the latest version or update the plugin via the Plugins page on your WordPress site.

Bug Fixes

  • B820 – Quota reminder for tomorrow’s post count requirement. Alerts now go out.
  • F202 – Updated Roster page to speed up API calls. Replaces long loading and polling data methods.


  • Auto Update Roster – Roster page now auto updates if any new information is added such as new published posts, quota changes, dates.
  • Calendar View – Log actions taken or failed attempts for all services.

Auto Update Roster

No more refreshing the page! The following now auto updates:

  • Last Published Post – will change if a newer post is published or roll back to the last published post if the current one is removed.
  • Post Date – Same for the published date, will show the most current published post’s date.
  • Quota Status – Numbers now update in real time to reflect the amount of published posts. (if enabled, removes if quota is disabled)
  • Quota View button – Visible if quota is enabled, auto removes if quota is disabled.

Calendar View

Clicking the icon button at the top right of the Roster page will change the view between the listed view and calendar view. See all the published, future, pending, and draft posts colored by user in the calendar view. User Color Key below calendar (not shown in image).

The next update will include real time auto updating of the calendar view. Currently the calendar does not auto update like the list view. Currently calendar view only supports the current month.