openSuite V0.1.2- Editor Queue

by sbasile
openSuite V0.1.2- Editor Queue

The latest openSuite plugin update is now out. Visit your dashboard to download the latest version or update the plugin via the Plugins page on your WordPress site.

Bug Fixes

  • B03015 | Email Queue Order – Fixed issue where emails for authors creating a new draft/card and putting post in pending were coming in the wrong order. Draft first, then pending email.
  • B1044 | Email multiple editors when editors selected. If individual editors are selected (not user role), only the first editor would receive an email.
  • B1045 | Vacation Mode without Quota Policy. Allow editors and admins of groups to set vacation mode without having a quota policy.
  • B1032 | Author ID not valid for editor check in email process. Emails would not go out 100% of the time using the short cut for Editor Check in on the posts page.
  • B1003 | Post Title Missing from email – post title would not show in subject line if the shortcut editor check in was used.



  • Group Policy Update¬†– Added features to group policies including Featured Image, Word Count requirements as well as a Hot linked image checker.
  • Calendar View Update – Calendar View now auto updates, shows all posts for any month selected.
  • Editor Queue – Multiple editors per group can now pass editing from one to another. Email check in, and vacation modes now work for editors.
  • Email Update – Failed/Attempted Review for Pending request email.

Editor Queue

Multiple editors assigned to a group can now pass assignments from one editor to another. The updated service has the following features:

  • Emails go out to all editors when a post is created, failed attempt, pending to publish.
  • Editors can now set Vacation mode, which will not email the editor away and will report to all other editors that the editor did not receive an email.
  • Email Check In – Editors can now without even being logged in check into a post with a quick email link.
  • Checked In editors will email all other editors in group about being assigned to that current post.
  • From then on, any changes made to the post which execute an email, only the assigned editor will receive the email.

Failed Attempt for Pending Post

Now emails can go out to both the author and the editor of the group when a post is submitted for review but fails (reverts to draft). The email lists the reasons for the failure an notifies both the author and editor that the post was not saved for Pending for Review and instead reverted to draft until action is taken.

This will help stop posts from not being put into Pending without the author being aware, which usually can lead to posts that do not get edited in time due to the confusion.