openSuite V0.1.7- Email Templates

by sbasile
openSuite V0.1.7- Email Templates

The latest openSuite plugin update is now out. Visit your dashboard to download the latest version or update the plugin via the Plugins page on your WordPress site.

A new bug terminology will now be used for reported bugs and any bug fixes. Bug IDs will start with B for bug, include the next two characters as in the service it effects, such as of for openFeed, followed by the month and bug number. For example, the first reported bug for openFeed during this month would read as Bof12001. Bugs will be listed and updated to show completion process.

Services Included

The services effected in this update.

  • openDeck
  • openSuite (Dashboard)

Bug Fixes

  • Bod03015 | Email Queue Order – Fixed issue where emails for authors creating a new draft/card and putting post in pending were coming in the wrong order. Draft first, then pending email.
  • Bod11017 | Email Reminder Failed Attempt – Issue effecting email reminders if user tries to submit post for publish without completing all requirements.
  • Bod11018 | Multi group user roles update. All user roles functions have been updated.
  • Bod11019 | Editor Roster – show the correct users in group for roster with custom user roles.
  • Bod11021 | Feature Image Missing Email – Message would show and  prevent post from changing status to pending but would not list in email if the featured image was not set.



  • Clear All Alerts – Option to clear all user alerts from the dashboard
  • Roster Update – Group Policy update to show only users from editor’s group (or all for admin).
  • Post Page Update – Editors will now only see the posts from authors who are assigned to them in the post list page.
  • Email Templates – Option to add replace default emails with custom messages.
  • HTML Emails – Option to theme emails with HTML templates.
  • Improved Performance – Functions have been modified to run faster including the merging of some basic functions across all services.
  • openSuite Monitor – Added new reports for monitor service for services.
  • openSuite Dashboard – Revoke tokens. You can now revoke tokens for your APIs on the dashboard.
  • Notifications – Added support for FireFox as well as Chrome for desktop notifications.

Future Features

Following features for future updates

  • Workflow Editor – Customize the editing process down to the actual events.
  • My Notifications – Enable options on how to be alerted for notifications including Twitter, Facebook, SMS, and email.
  • Reminders – Both users and editors can set reminders for tasks.

Known Bugs

Following have been reported for future updates

  • Bod1201 | Sent notifications including email for reported posts with listed items are missing in emails.