openSuite V0.1.8

by sbasile

The latest openSuite plugin update is now out. Visit your dashboard to download the latest version or update the plugin via the Plugins page on your WordPress site.

Services Included

The services effected in this update.

  • openDeck

Bug Fixes

  • Bod1201 | Sent notifications including email for reported posts with listed items are missing in emails.
  • Bod1202 | Dashboard group policy card creation.
  • Bod1203 | New Card group policy bug.
  • Bod1205 | Custom Roles Quota Reminder – Some custom roles would not go out.
  • Bod1206 | Email templates for quota reminders now works.
  • Bod1209 | Quota Reminder for Due Tomorrow now works. Wrong date time was being sent.
  • Bod1210 | Roster Update with custom roles.


  • No major features

Future Features

Following features for future updates

  • Workflow Editor – Customize the editing process down to the actual events.
  • My Notifications – Enable options on how to be alerted for notifications including Twitter, Facebook, SMS, and email.
  • Reminders – Both users and editors can set reminders for tasks.

Known Bugs

Following have been reported for future updates

  • Bod1204 | Editor Check in for posts removed from openDeck and resubmitted will not show check link on posts list page.