All About openDeck Cards

This document will show you all the options as well as status for cards.

The openDeck card looks like the following below for non editors, located in the dashboard:

  1. The title of the card.
  2. The description of the card.
  3. The featured image of the post linked to the card. / (bottom left) – the author of the card/post.
  4. The date the post is to be published.
  5. The categories the post is listed for.
    1. Card/Post Status
  6. Card Controls such as delete (shown) or action required.

Card/Post Status

These are the four stages for a card/post:

Stage 1

*Pending Approval – If card needs approval first (Approval Process must be enabled first, see process here).


Denied – If the card request was denied.


Stage 2

Not Linked – First stage where card is not linked to a post. This is the default status if the card was created in the dashboard.


Stage 3

Awaiting Editor Check-in – Once the author has submitted the post for Pending For Review.


Stage 4




Removed – status will be all red to indicate that the post linked to this card has been removed/trashed.



* Unless selected, most cards skip the first status as by default all cards are approved. (This is usually an extra step required for review requests)