Approval Process

This document will explain using the Approval Process for cards if enabled on any group in openDeck.

If you’ve enabled Approval Process for a group and if a user of said group creates a card request in openDeck using one of the approval required categories you selected, you’ll receive an email (if email is enabled) about a request pending approval.


Visit the openDeck dashboard and find the pending approval card. Notice how the Status of the card is set to the first step with a status reading of “Pending Approval” and an action required button is shown on the right hand side.

Click the Action Required button to bring up a message on whether to approve or deny this card request.


Clicking Approve or Deny will (if enabled) send an email to the author about the status of the card. If the card is approved, the author can begin creating their post. If the card is denied the user will be alerted to disregard their request.