In this document you’ll learn as an editor how to check in to posts, alert authors, and other options as an editor with openDeck.

Check In

If enabled, you’ll receive an email from your author about a post being sent to Pending Review and for you to check out the post to edit. Once you receive an email, visit the Posts section on the WordPress blog.


Find the pending post by the author either by sorting the Post by Pending or you can directly access the post from a link in the email. Your next step is to acknowledge the author by checking in to the post. This will send an email to alert the author that the post is now being reviewed.

You can Check In via the Posts page by clicking the Editor Checkin button (shown above).


After you have reviewed the post and if there are errors/mistakes to report, you can file a report to the author by clicking the Report Post button located in the openDeck metabox under Editor Tools.


This will open a light box for you to fill out a report. Depending upon the report, check off the check boxes you wish to file with this report. You can add any additional information you wish to give to the author by adding a message. If you plan to submit the report and leave a message, you only need to click the Submit Report button. If you plan to just leave a message to the author (not filing a report), you can just hit the Reply button.


Once you submit the report an email will go out to the author about the list of issues with the post as well as any message you have left. The author will then login to the blog and begin making corrections. If the author needs to contact you for any reason, they can send a reply in the report light box, in which you’ll receive an email.

Once the author has completed all corrections, they will file a Submit Correction Report. Once submitted, you’ll again receive an email about the post being corrected. At this time you should login and return to the post in question. Click the View Report button to see the completed report.


In the report you’ll see in green the completed issues. These were your original items you checked off when filing your report. If they are still incorrect, keep them checked and click the Update Report button. This will send an email to the author about issues that need to be corrected. If there are additional issues, check them off and again click the Update Report button.

You can also send a message to the author by clicking the reply button without taking any action on the report status.

If the post has been reviewed an all issues corrected, clicking the Report Complete will send an email to the author alerting them of the post’s status and that it is ready to be published.

If the job of publishing is left to the editor, after reporting the report complete, the editor will be allowed to publish the post. If the job is left to the author, the author will need to login to publish the post.

At any time an editor can return to the post and file another report for any purpose.