From Draft to Published

In this documentation you’ll learn how your posts start from being submitted in draft to being published. This will walk authors/contributors, and/or guests on how to correctly submit new content.

Step 1 – Submit A Request


All content published on your blog will be attached to an openDeck card. Cards can be multiple objects but in this case we’ll refer to card here as to mean a content card. The content card is a visual representation of a post on your site, detailing information such as the title, categories, the author, an excerpt, and more. Depending upon how the site is configured, cards can be auto generated with drafted posts or they can first be submitted to use such as ideas or concepts before becoming attached to a drafted post.

Again, it will depend upon the site administrator how cards should be created. For example, if you trust your staff with creating pre-defined articles set by a policy your site employs, auto generated cards will remove the hassle of creating and then linking a card to a post.

If you rather have a large user base and allow open discussion on article ideas and run on a per post approval basis, you’ll most likely want to enable the manual method of creating cards, giving the administrator or editors the control of approving/denying post ideas before drafted posts are created, eliminating having to remove drafts to trash that are denied and saving authors time of creating posts that will be removed.

There are two ways to create a card:

  1. Via openDeck Dashboard
  2. Via Drafted Post (Auto Card Enabled)


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