In this document you’ll learn about installing and setting up your openDeck service.


After you download the plugin, visit the plugins page on your WordPress backed blog to upload and activate.


Upload the plugin by clicking the Upload Plugin button located in Plugins/ Add New. After uploading activate the plugin.

After activation you’ll need to visit the openDeck Settings page to activate your account. To find the openDeck Settings page, see the default WordPress Settings tab and find openDeck Settings.


Enter the key you obtained through the openSuite website to activate the service. After entering the key, click the Save button to activate.

Site Wide Settings

The following options on the settings page are options which if enabled will effect the entire site (unlike group settings).

Notification Settings

If enabled, this will allow the use of sending emails (when needed). It is recommended that you enable this option so all users obtain alerts and messages about actions performed using openDeck.

Email Setup – openDeck uses the built in function for sending out email. If your blog can successfully send email about missing/forgotten passwords, no further step is required. Using a 3rd party or your own external email server will work as long as the plugin used is calling the default WordPress mail function.

Plugins such as WP SMTP will work as long as your server accepts email from the default email address setup.

Author Publishing Role

If enabled, this will disable the option of allowing authors to be able to publish posts. It is recommended you enable this option if your author do not publish posts by default and the publishing is left to an editor/admin on the site. Instead of seeing the option to Publish, the user will be greeted with Pending For Review. This option will work with other plugins such as User Role Editor.

User/Group Quota

If enabled, it will allow editors/admin to setup and utilize openDeck’s Quota service. This option is site wide to enable/disable the quota option, not to setup a quota policy. If you need to use the quota service for any user(s), have this option enabled.


Once Installed, please visit the next step, Setting Up Groups