Setting Up Groups

After installation, your next step will be to setup a group(s) in order to fully use the openDeck service. In this document we’ll explain what groups are and how to setup/use them.

After installing and activating openDeck, your very first next step will be to setup and manage your groups. Groups are a way of placing users into sections on your site to adhere to policies you implement.

For example, you may have a site that has 20 authors. The staff is split into two groups, one, dedicate to news only while the other is for editorials. In this scenario, you should create two groups if one set uses different categories than the other, have different editors, and or guidelines on what is required for the post (such as images, word count, SEO fields, etc).

Even if you do not need more than one group, you’ll still need to place everyone under one group in order to activate the policies in which you want your staff to follow.

Group Creation

Visit the Groups page in openDeck. If you haven’t created a group yet you’ll be greeted by a message declaring you have “You Have 0 Groups Created.” If you already have at least one group, you’ll see it listed in the Groups page.


Groups Page

To add a new group, click the Add New button. Your first step will be to choose a name for the group. This can be anything but it’s recommend you choose a name to co inside with the users you’ll be adding to this group. For example, if this is your news team, it’s best to name them “news” or “news group”.


Follow the steps located on the right hand side to setup your group. A few things to keep in mind about groups:

  • Users can not belong to more than one group.
  • You can select All Authors which will add all current and future users with the user role of Author into the group.
  • Group Editors can be Admins on the site (if no editor position is available).
  • Select all the categories this group will be using. This can be used especially if only certain categories are used for administration (like blog updates).

Once you have filled out the information and activated your group the next step will be to apply Group Policies unto the group.

Group Policies

Just like the built in WordPress User Role hierarchy, you can apply functions, roles, and rules to users in a group. To add/modify, or remove a policy, click the policies link next to the group listed in the Groups page (shown above).


Once selected you can enable/disable any of the listed Group Policies for this group.


If enabled, the author will have to fill out the excerpt box before the post will be allowed to save to Pending For Review or to be Published.

Featured Image

If enabled, the Featured Image will have to be uploaded and selected before the post can be saved to Pending For Review or to be Published. There is a sub option to also specify the dimensions the Featured Image should be.

Word Count

If enabled, the author will have to surpass the minimum required word count for the post before the post can be saved to Pending For Review or to be Published.

SEO (External Plugin Required)

If enabled, certain fields for the Yoast SEO plugin will need to be filled out before the post can be saved to Pending For Review or to be Published.

Hotlinked Images

If enabled, this will prevent the post to be saved to Pending For Review or to be published if the post contains images not hosted with the blog (externally linked images).


Limit the amount of categories the group can see/use.


Card Options

This section pertains to the options you can set for the users in this group when creating new cards.

Calendar Options

Change the calendar default settings for this group when creating an account such as:

  • enabled/disable use of calendar
    • If enabled, use time as well as date for publishing
    • If enabled, which days of the week users can select to publish their posts.
    • If enabled, limit the range of the calendar for publishing or requesting posts (such as review requests)

Approval Process

Change the default approval process for this group by the category selected. If enabled, select the categories if when selected by an author for a new post, will require additional action from the editor/admin of this group before the author should start writing. This is an excellent option if you allow open review requests and want to first filter the request before the post is created. See the additional page about approval process if to enable this option.