With openFeed, measure and gauge trending topics and articles from social networks across the globe. Find out when your article has its best chances of capturing your audience.



Find Trends

– See all the activity for your site in one, card styled, view on the dashboard. Sort and search for posts, messages, post statuses, and cards needing attention. With updated and new information being updated in real time, no need to refresh the page.

Task Management

– See cards that need attention and post statuses. Overview editor and author conversations for posts that have been reported. Create, edit, and manage cards and messages in the dashboard.


Choose your workflow options to either have your users create request cards first about ideas for articles or give them the choice of having cards auto created when a draft post is saved.

Auto Cards

– Save time by having your users generate auto created cards as soon as they save their posts. You can still approve/deny the post. Best to use this option if your site is designed for a small dedicated team who you feel comfortable enough to create posts on the fly.

Manual Creation

– Enforce your users to create a card before you approve/deny the request. Save time from having to delete drafts. This option will also add an additional layer of title matches to make sure your users are not creating the same material. Select this option if you allow open post ideas, have large user generated content and/or not a dedicated staff.

All About Cards


openDeck’s cards are at the core of the service, combining a workflow overview with a task management service. All new, current, and future posts become cards in the Dashboard. With cards, you can not only view the status of a post, but take action.

  1. Sort Bar – In this location you can sort and search for cards, messages, users by date published, the post status, the card status, or details about the post.
  2. Select Bar – Choose all cards, cards by user, or messages only. (And return back to top)
  3. Create and Alerts – Create cards and/or messages and view your notifications.
  4. Feature Image/ Author – See the featured image of the post and the creator.
  5. Title and Excerpt – Get the title and excerpt of the post. If no excerpt, the first 250 words.
  6. Created and Publish Date – See the date(s) for the cards original date as well as the date the article is due to publish.
  7. Categories – See the categories used for the post.
  8. Post Status / Editor – See the status of the post and who (if any) has been assigned to the post to edit.
  9. Card Actions – Delete, Approve, and see/create Reports for a card with these simple quick buttons.


Assign your authors, editors, and contributors to groups. Create teams easily with openDeck’s Groups framework. Whether you assign all current and future users in the Author Role or individuals, Groups allows you to assign Policies such as:

  • Requirements – Never have a post get published again with missing its excerpt or featured image. Require a certain word count or image per post requirement.
  • Filters – Limit the categories a group can use for posts.
  • Editors – Give this group a team leader(s) that are in charge of editing the groups posts.
  • Card Options – Change options that effect how the cards for this group can be created or requirement need to be met such as a Publish Date.

And at any time add or remove options. Assign new users to a group, remove old policies, or apply new ones.

User Roster


See your entire active site users and who is creating what.







– Send notifications for actions on the site such as new posts pending approval, editor assignment, spelling errors. Get alerts through the openDeck dashboard as well via email and for Chrome users, desktop notifications.


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See What’s Trending in The Games Industry With openFeed


Are you a journalist, freelancer, or a hobbyist with a passion for writing about games? Many times you’ll be left up to your own metrics and means on finding important and relevant information about the industry. You probably have an array of tools at your disposal too, including a RSS feed reader or something like it (Facebook Trends, subreddits, N4G).

But your average everyday feed reader or service doesn’t do what openFeed does. We parse information in real time from over 20 thousand gaming sites and then using our algorithms we figure out what article is trending in real time, right here and right now. But you don’t even need to see our Trending feeds to get information relevant or find breaking news stories, you can see the information for yourself in real time with our Real Time feed.

openFeed offers:

  • Real Time data from over 20 thousand gaming websites and media outlets.
  • Trending feeds – find out what is trending in the past 30 minutes up to 24 hours.
  • Features like bookmarking to save articles for later.
  • Specifically only follow authors, domains, tags, categories, keywords, and more.
  • Get alerts for when new articles come in matching those follows above.

And the best part, it’s FREE

Yup, free, all you need is an email address. So what are you waiting for, click the link below to signup for your free account today and find news before it becomes news.

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